About us

We digitize the mortgage market

Your tech partner in a changing market 

Increased digitalisation in combination with more customer mobility and less customer loyalty has led to new challenges on the mortgage market. The modern bank customer expects smooth, accessible and speedy digital solutions. To remain relevant the modern mortgage provider needs not only to  live up to these expectations, but to exceed them. At stoEr we take pride in being a trusted tech partner in a changing market. We help new actors to challenge the status quo, and help traditional banks to update their products and services.

A mortgage solution for the future

You can’t meet new challenges with old solutions. stoEr helps actors on the mortgage market with new ideas and perspectives on how to transform mortgages to a digital service, for the end customer as well as for the bank. stoEr’s digital mortgage solution introduces Mortgage-as-a-service and is delivered as a white label SaaS. We help our partners continue to offer their products and services under their own brand, but with a much improved digital experience.



We digitize the mortgage market! By introducing new ideas and challenge old structures we want to improve, simplify and streamline for the end customer as well as for the bank.



Our mission is to increase customer satisfaction and decrease cost by using digitization as our tool.